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Association: - digest from information or situations, - understanding. Question: - Which value does my experience have for me?

In general:

Stomach can appear body-partly after plentiful or spoilt food. Deep-psychologically he symbolises everything what one takes up in himself what must be loaded and be (processed) 'digested'.


As a dream symbol he stands for the spiritual and psychic ability to take up things and to process. He also points to physical needs, e.g. if the dreaming feels in the dream 'hunger'. Drink and eat he with pleasure, this is a sign for his joy of life, vitality and for mental balance. If the stomach is overcrowded in the dream, however, this is called that of the dreaming difficulties has, certain feelings to process thought or experiences. If one feels in the dream that hurts one of the stomachs, without it is the case in the awake life, this is a serious warning signal. One indicates that something presses the stomachs: a worry from which one must escape, a flirtation which comes to an end, or the rage about an unfair treatment which we wound simply not yet have.



  • see: menacing loss,
  • strengthen: one says you something disagreeable,
  • completely have: business Stockung and setback,
  • have blank: you go towards to a nice time.

(European ones).:

  • the warning dream which often stamps after plentiful food, - general warning of exaggerations, - in grief and in worries,
  • spoil themselves the stomach: one should not span in a certain matter the curve,
  • stomach complaint: if means impairment of own position or property losses.


  • see: Poverty and worries do not want to give way.
(See also vomiting, body pains)

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