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Association: - developing receptive or yin quality. Question: - Where in my life I learn to be receptive?

In general:

Girl can indicate immature sexuality or beginning love. If she appears in man's dreams, point these sexual wishes often daring on not yet adults which are valid in the awake life as not quite morally. With a pretty girl play around deals less with the desirable fulfilment in the love than rather with unnecessary expenditures and the dalliance becomes the Vertšndeln. The kiss of a girl indicates that one makes himself ridiculous if one does not rein sexual desires better.


In the man's dream girls are often valid as a symbol for playful, 'unused' eroticism - and for the wish for sexual experiences with a very inexperienced (young) girl who has 'still no possibilities of comparison' - what is felt as a tempting advantage if it is not ordered around own male self-confidence so well. In the women's dream it is a tip to own, girl-like being side or to the wish for childish carefree nature. Seeing women to itself even as a girl, although they are already during the ripe years, can be translated also with last-minute panic or with the fear not to look general any more engagingly enough on the beloved man or on men.


The dream face of a girl prophesies us that the exit of a thing is worse than the beginning, - as well as material losses, because girls need a dowry.



  • see a young one: you are threatened by challenges, - protects you from careless actions,
  • see a young pretty one: one should be more careful with the expenditure during the coming days a little,
  • of young ones see surrounding: soon nice hours in pleasant society experience, - one expects you in love, - also for man: one should moderate his dear desire something,
  • from young and clarify are kissed: one is loved in sincerely,
  • kiss a nice one: one is careful with his forces, because the desirable life threatens to damage to one,
  • kiss the ugly or are kissed: in dear things experience a heavy disappointment, - get in melancholy and heart grief,
  • see laughing: one will become disloyal to you,
  • see crying: Luck in the love have, - also: an undesirable pregnancy can approach, - also: you will betray your love,
  • see dancing: you will get a hot kiss,
  • hit: fall out with a beloved person,
  • pursue: your passions lead to no good end.


  • of a girl to dream is a request on more courage and determination. Since the hesitation and undecided being to which the person concerned inclines costs him to time, success and, in the end, also enjoyment of life. If he does not know the girl, a basic change of the living conditions announces itself. (Man

(European ones).:

  • if not around an easy sexual dream, it concerns back recollection or conversion in the desirable life and in the planning, - also: astonishing news, - a long, delayed answer will reach them, finally,
  • for man in general: Disappointments,
  • for woman in general: luck-promising dream in the matter of love,
  • see the pretty, radiating: if pleasant perspectives and joy announce at home, - also: one should hold together his money during the coming days,
  • thinly and pale: one will have in the family a sick person and many incommodities,
  • several young ones see: if brings happy society,
  • for men, are swarmed by these and are surrounded: one should rein his dear desire something, otherwise one is mocked,
  • has young kiss: means that one can make himself ridiculous easily by premature actions,
  • kiss a girl: one should not overestimate his strength, - own wishes could damage to one,
  • are kissed by young nice ones: Disillusionment after passing drunkenness,
  • with young ones dance: sends a reminder to the rule about his desires,
  • has young in the shirt see: if a sign is for luck and joy,
  • by laughing ones be surrounded: one is the aim of banter or persiflages,
  • laughing ones: indicate at heart grief,
  • weeping ones: announce big embarrassment, - one will get a child,
  • see the small: Luck, - - dressed in white ones see: meant a heartening affection,
  • see doing domestic work: if means wedding,
  • Dreaming a man to be a girl he will be willing-weak or will play actor and in women's roles.
  • is for women, one or one accompany: They want to escape from the responsibility and 'return at more innocent' times of the life.


  • the nice: big expenditures,
  • kiss: a happy surprise,
  • see crying: one will betray you,
  • see dancing: Dear luck.
(See also woman, virgin, child,' kiss ',' person')

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