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Power / powerless

In general:

Power exercise often warns about own lust for power which leads to considerable problems with others. Power cravings are suppressed wishes from the awake life in which one imagines though a lot, but a little explains. The so-called washcloths have in the dream often power craving. If nobody has recognised your power or if you felt powerless, - you maybe show not enough ability of getting through.


Did you have in the dream power craving? Were you fascinated to have power about other people? In such dreams one is confronted with own weaknesses and strengths, one gets a mirror reproached in which one can recognise how far one himself would go: Maybe one would have only used them to jump about his 'shade' and to file inhibitions which have originated from a feeling of the powerlessness, the inferiority. Or one would not shrink back from abuse of power and go if necessary 'about corpses'. From the dream events and your role in it you can close whether you see yourselves in general rather than a victim of the powerful figures or than power-hungry 'culprit'.



  • own: Profit and wealth, victory over enemies,
  • exercise: you will be put out to wrong suspicions,
  • seize: you will create enemies,
  • be powerless: one will take a profit possibility from the hand from you.

(European ones).:

  • have: one must try to win distance and to check his arrangements, - because one sees his mistakes, - the higher the position and the greater the power and authority in the dream, the greater the difficulties on the life or the superior.


  • own: Vanity, arrogance.

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