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In general:

Mäander are queue-shaped moving along rivers or streets. If in the dream a street or a way spreads out before the dreaming in many apparently pointless bends and curves, leads so to no certain aim, this refers to the fact that the dreaming would have to leave himself more often to the river of the events without thinking about the direction. Mäander sometimes have the job to prevent making headway the dreaming, so that he deals more with the situation in which he is and with himself.


Water moves according to his own laws, and if the dreaming notes in his dream that a river or a street envelops him with his Mäandern, this one request is to him to realise his feelings stronger and to handle more softly with them. This can also stand in connection with the relations of the dreaming with other people. Maybe he must recognise that other people cannot be so candid like he.


At the spiritual level Mäander stand in the dream for psychic dynamism and development.

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