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Go out on the tiles

In general:

Outworn clothes in the dream are the a little bit sordid packaging which we give to ourselves presently in the awake life. The scoundrels indicate that something has a psychic crack in us. The dreaming, scoundrels shops or sells, something wants to hide from the others which demonstrates not necessarily him in beaming light.


To be dressed in the dream in scoundrel, a signal is for existential fear and the fixed idea, one could completely become impoverished if one does not protect himself several times (materially, socially, socially). Quite differently if one finds in the dream amusing to be on the move only thus to the fun 'in scoundrel' (or in very sloppy, cheap looking presentation): One has drop-out's dreams and desire in provoking - and one feels all conventional (at least in this period) as a tiresome, old-fashioned restriction.



  • see or carry: in poverty and desperation get, - in a competition draw the short straw, - also: the light is deceptive,
  • see a person in scoundrel: one will recognise a danger too late,
  • collect: a laborious job before eyes have, - by much laborious work you will come to prosperity, - also: on pain and murky days must make calm,
  • lose: by disdain of the low in need get, - you are improvident,
  • throw away: you should pay attention more also to small things,
  • themselves even which see throwing away: one must check himself whether one has not acted in social things unthinkingly,
  • sell: you will make order in the house,
  • shop: you speculate wrong, - also: one wants to take in you in the business,
  • wash: you put on everything useful, - also: you will come by care to property,
  • order: you make order in your house and your family,
  • burn: a big defeat must suffer,
  • rag-and-bone man: you look after worthless things,

(European ones).:

  • what others have gathered, one wants to be economical again, - reminder to the meditation,
  • see, so that act: one will come into money unexpectedly or in unusual manner,
  • collect: sorrowful and sad days approach, - collect a painful experience,
  • in it be dressed: is valid as a poverty and lack, - Li> indicates at business unpopularity or an embarrassing affair in the traffic with others,
  • see somebody in those wrapped: a testator will soon let hear from oneself,
  • in between valuables find: Perseverance and diligence are recompensed richly.


  • makes good to you nothing from it, it becomes everything again.
(See also rubbish, dress)

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