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To the dreaming becomes conscious that he can win the control of his passions and of his sexual cravings. If one succeeds in expressing energy instead of in sexuality in self-confidence, then this manifests itself in the dream often as a rise. If one goes up in the dream a stair or goes in a lift upwards, this awakening and increasing consciousness can signal, - the dreaming leaves behind fear and dejection and escapes from material compulsions. In general this is a very favorable sign, it contains success in some important plans. They can stand on own feet. Only one exerts himself to come upwards, then one enjoys (in the aim - from 'on top') the freedom and the feeling of happiness of the victory: a successful dream! If, nevertheless, you dream of having been carried as an employee, the success is sure. This dream often appears in connection with civil disputs. Should you dream, nevertheless, of the process yourselves, you will lose him.


The dreaming searches spiritual consciousness.



  • It was a hard fight, but now you achieve your aim. Your success in the life is certain.

(European ones).:

  • with an obligation: Heart's desires will come true,
  • if others climb up: well-meaning friends in your nearness.
(See also 'transportation')

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