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Aerial balloon

In general:

In the dream the colour of the aerial balloon can play an important role. As a rule the aerial balloon refers to playful mood or the desire for sexuality.


If a dream of aerial balloons acts, they have the purpose to remind the dreaming, 'to take off' in his enthusiasm not completely, but to remain with the feet on the ground.


The aerial balloon in the dream is a symbol of the joy or the mind rising in the winds.



  • see: promises a success in a dear affair which will soon come to an end, nevertheless, - also: your shops have no sure base,
  • high see on top in the winds: the wishes can be never fulfilled completely,
  • allow to fly away: from carelessness one will suffer a sad loss,
  • climb up in it: your high spirits will punish themselves,
  • shop: may soon take pleasure about the beginning of a long-standing friendship.

(European ones).:

  • speculation wishes concerning the life become acute, - thwarted hopes and need announce themselves, - every kind of business suffers a clear decline,
  • see flying: one should not lose hope to lead to an end a begun work, - one dedicates himself in a thing of a deception,
  • see falling down: a floating enterprise will take no favorable course, - one becomes the victim of a deception.


  • see flying: new duties will move up to you,
  • climb up with it: successful work.
(See also balloon, colours, airship)

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