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The fear of failure is an extremely strong feeling. In the dream she can be expressed by a slope. If the dreaming enters a precipitous slope in his dream, this points to the fact that he exposes himself thoughtlessly dangers because he cannot see the results of his action. The tarot map 'The fool' shows this at the beginning and at the end of his way. He does not pay attention to the precipitous slope and is to the danger in which he is, not consciously. On the other hand this also makes no difference to him, because he knows that he can step above the edge and fly. This kind of dream often seems if the dreaming is in a situation great danger. Did one stand in the dream in the slope of a mountain and did one feel like running down lighthearted? Then it is in the time to give up a much too ambitious plan which would require only one other (strenuous) rise. The dream symbolises the relief which feels somebody, after he has said goodbye to a too pinned up aim by a clear decision. Slope is not so precipitous as an abyss and, therefore, shall be interpreted mostly as an advance warning. Even if one already pushes the abyss hinabrollt, besides, maybe into stones, must be valued not so unfavorably as slipping or falls in the abyss, but contains still hope that one can avoid the danger, worries and grief or reduce if one acts on time properly. The attempt, a Steilhang hinaufzuklettern, stands for a huge endeavours, obstacles which position themselves in the way to overcome. Spiritually: At this level the precipitous slope in the dream is the tip to a spiritual danger around which the dreaming knows, nevertheless.



  • see a precipitous one: Grief and grief will pursue you,
  • go up or laboriously climb: Infidelity will annoy you,
  • climb down: Family background will hurt you and bother,
  • hinunterrollen: one runs the risk to lose his position.

(European ones).:

  • of a mountain: Danger by view,
  • more rocky: Grief and worries,
  • green or bemoost: Rest and satisfaction,
  • wooded: obstacles oppose your enterprise,
  • look at a precipitous one: one can still change on time his present course,
  • stand on the edge one: Fear of personal failure or before the coming problems,
  • hinunterkollern: do not proceed needlessly in danger,
  • of a mountain hinunterrutschen: disagreeable events come up in the next time on, - defeats by own fault are possible,


  • hinabfallen: is careful that you do not come by your own guilt to a disagreeable situation,
  • stony: your longing is not fulfilled, however, you should not give up hope,
  • green with small shrubs: is good to your people,
  • with a wood: you have recognised the difficulties of your life and will have soon grown to them.
(See also abyss)

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