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Association: - Breath, - intelligence, - intelligence. Question: - Which area of my life needs the stimulation?

In general:

If one on no account wants to lose to somebody, one needs him 'how the air to the breathing' - it is the most inalienable element - without air one cannot live - what does not breathe any more, becomes the dead matter. Air is valid as a symbol of the mind, the idea, imagination and the creative thinking. Also in the dream has the sensation that one gets 'no air' (or spent, smoky air), always a negative meaning which points to an oppressive situation, to a lack of quality of life.


The air is arranged in the dream interpretation as a symbol for creative thinking and the strength of the imagination. However, it can also be that the dreaming is warned by this picture before Traumtänzereien. Importantly for the interpretation are the dream action and the feelings of the dreaming. If the air is pure in the dream and is clear and feels itself the dreaming easily and buoyant, this points to a positive personality development of the dreaming. Musty air and anxiety feelings are a picture for unmastered problems or the difficulty to master them.


Air encloses the spiritual-mental life, above all high ideals and aims.



  • enter, free themselves of the ground: in your rage you lose the sensible judgment.


  • This symbol can be more exactly interpreted only in connection with the other signs in a dream. Clear, good air points to success. Misty or smoky air shows a recommendation to the dreaming to take seriously the coming important decisions very much. All together the signal wants to admonish to bigger seriousness and care by the realisation of his aims: The aims are accessible, however only if he gives his best. (Man

(European ones).:

  • promises a dilapidated state and nothing good,
  • makes clear air and blue sky: if success,
  • contains
  • foggy or strongly gets cloudy: difficulties are indicated, - one should think over deliberate changes once more,
  • float in the air or fly: announced a free position,
  • tells air to inhale: one commits on account of a Bedrängung a misdeed,
  • feel cold air: promises discrepancies in the professional life and contradictions in the relations at home,
  • the air humidity gives a hard time to one: a curse will press on one which will soon exhaust the optimism.
(See also breath, aviation, airplane, sky, butterflies, clouds)

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