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In general:

The lottery ticket in the dream circumscribes our lot in the awake life and profit and rivet form as it were the portents. Something deals hardly with financial luck or misfortune. And, nevertheless, one can win with the lots of the dream or lose. If we recognise, for example, the figures on it and we can notice them to us, they give as symbols other interpretation instructions, - the figures are not to be seen, we should rather count on our hands work, than to go hunting behind to a delusive luck.


Have you drawn in the dream the big lot? Then you also hope in the reality for 'given luck' and want to play quite a lot of little play to come on the 'winner's side' of the life - and to land a 'direct hit'. A tip dream that one takes a lot lighter than it is real - and that one belongs in the positive one as well as in the negative sense to the typical 'player's nature'.



  • move or see: The fate chance which must be not always positive,
  • (lottery etc.) shop: a sensitive loss approaches you in the business,
  • get as a gift: Profit in the play,
  • find: Win in the lottery, - secret love,
  • see the number on it: one should try his luck in the lottery with this number.

(European ones).:

  • see or move: meant quite in general luck, mostly also profit in the lottery or in the play, - also: now the destiny makes a little bit disagreeable turn,
  • shop or in possession have: the chances in the lottery or in the game of chance stand bad,
  • with figures see: one should buy a lot which contains the seen figures,
(See also profit, figures)

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