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Bay tree / laurel shrub

In general:

The old myths ascribed to the bay tree forces which protect against witchcraft, and even today one associates with him the defence of joyless.


The bay tree brings the ill rescue, because this is quite comprehensible, because one gives deads with branches of the olive tree the last escort, by no means with such of the laurel.



  • see laurel shrub: one will invite you to a wedding,
  • see greening: one plans with you the big,
  • deadly: have to count in future on worries and difficulties.

(European ones).:

  • tree: if shine, honour and wealth promises, - a lighthearted free time with many pleasant dispersions, - in times of the rest a lot of knowledge is repeated,
  • shrubs: if bring success and fame, - one will make new conquests in the love, - enterprises will register a lot of success,
  • then
  • Decorating a woman the head of her lover with laurel, will have them a loyal one as well as a famous man.


  • you has off envious person, softy to them.
(See also laurel)

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