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Railroad engine

In general:

The motor strength which pushes us in the life forward. A favorable sign which allows to await us to a happy future if not signals lead in the dream in the wrong direction. Explanation about the available forces arises from the type of the railroad engines. A dream would be mentioned here: In the railway station a larger amount expects the twice coupled, immense railroad engine of the God's hard road. The dreamer also stands there, - it is a man from whom one expects now the meaning after long hesitation. The railroad engine does not appear, against it a small little railroad engine with combustion of wood: this is the energy which is available to this man presently. Neither he nor the others might demand too much of him. If it concerns a steam engine and their steam is white, our other life trip brings success and good results, expels the locomotive dark smoke, our future lies also in the dark one. Because of her piston linkage the railroad engine also becomes the symbol of the power and the joy of life. A toys railroad engine shows longing after lighthearted childhood days. One does not seem to master the real life at the moment, so that one flees into childish play.


The railroad engine is in the positive one as well as in the negative sense a symbol for the common energy. It is in the figurative sense the collective strength which carry the dreaming on his life trip. In this vision the positive integrated being can express himself in the family or society. However, the railroad engine can also be a danger signal, namely when the dreaming is bound too strongly to the opinion of the community and, therefore, his personality development is restricted. They pull hard. With power and strength you speed up a thing. Has the locomotive let down steam? Maybe you should do this also once!



  • see or with it deal: you will struggle over big plans, - also: if a trip of great importance announces,
  • standing: a lurking danger surrounds you,
  • moving: good friends leave you,
  • go as a passenger with one: from a friendship a continual love relationship which will hold a whole life under circumstances becomes slow indeed.

(European ones).:

  • see one: one speeds up with a lot of strength and power the plans,
  • see a smoking one: one makes too big plans,
  • with white steam: the intended trip brings good,
  • with black or dark steam: nothing good is to be expected,
  • steam letting down ones see: one should do this also,
  • hear itself a removing one: one will go on a trip, or the trip of another will be from meaning for itself,
  • hear itself a bringing near one: means news from abroad, - professional changes will stamp in it with improvements,
  • a quick one: stands for extraordinary luck and foreign tours,
  • a defective one: Shops will be delayed and planned trips because of missing money cannot be begun,
  • a completely wrecked locomotive: if an omen is for big grief and possession loss,
  • a whistling one: one will be able to be glad about the return of a long absent friend or an unexpected offer.


  • leaves the place at which you live, you cannot become happy there, - snorting: a danger threatens you.
(See also railway station, steam, darkness, railway, trip, train)

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