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In general:

How one spends his salary or wage in the dream, allows ends on how one uses his abilities in the awake life and promotes his talents or could develop. The income can show the work or, however, the achievement which one strives to accomplish. If the dreaming fulfils a job reluctantly and without joy, his only wage often exists in the money which he receives for it. To dream of wage can be called that the dreaming should not expect in an everyday situation more than promised.


Wage is usually paid for a work. In the dream to receive wage, therefore, means that the dreaming has performed good work. A payment to somebody by the dreaming suggests that he owes something to this person. If a dream of a pay packet acts, this is a tip that the value of the dreaming with other aspects is tied together like loyalty and sense of duty.


At the spiritual level the wage in the dream can show a premium and a deserving reward.



  • receive: Loss, - you are scarce in finances,
  • pay: your business will blossom,
  • impound: Annoyance and frustration.

(European ones).:

  • receive: one will harvest ingratitude, - also: Danger of small thefts, - for people involve itself in new enterprises: unexpected luck,
  • pay: be knocked down by discontent,
  • recompense somebody: by others one will get difficulties,
  • the wage is shortened: warns about evil plans,
  • pay raise: if profit prophesies in all enterprises.
(See also salary)

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