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In general:

Lock stands in general for hopes what refers to feeling connections.


The frizzy hair in the dream concludes by frizzy thoughts. If we cut off to a dream figure a lock, can point to the end of an up to now good respect which one will keep, however, in good recollection.


(arab.): see or have: faithfully are loved and are revered, - announces a new love relationship with which one should go forward carefully - also: points to love relationships on which we are dependent, - in the colour of the locks unaware sympathies or antipathies step, -
  • wrap: one wants to win you for a thing,
  • carry: you are loved and honoured,
  • see themselves with which: one may hope for the fulfilment of his most confidential wishes,
  • give away: you will make a declaration of love,
  • give away: loyal love,
  • get as a gift: your advertisement finds hearing,
  • receive: one is reminded of a duty,
  • see taking a short-cut: Promises of a friend, will not be kept,
  • get cut-off: one loses in attention,
  • take a short-cut and/or give away: loyal love,
  • lose: Break of the relationship, - adultery.


  • Dreaming a Mrs. von Locken, there approaches passionate love. Nevertheless, with a man the picture shows a reminder not to risk his call and to think over his contact. Care is offered not to be deceived towards wrong shine. Since probably in the absence of suitable charms he inclines to Oberflächlichkeiten which he condemns, otherwise, himself.

(European ones).:

  • a perfect change in the matters, - new surroundings and better times by view,
  • locks see: one is very dependent on his partner,
  • very dark ones see: an unaware antipathy is given,
  • very nice colour: this person is very likeable for,
  • cut off one of himself: vain dear trouble,
  • of another take a short-cut: one will get a basket,
  • see how other from itself or from others cut off one: the secret love story of another is entrusted with one,
  • get cut-off: Not to be so timid encouragement, in a love story,
  • give away: a dear inclination is not answered,
  • lose: Resolution of a friendship or a relationship,
  • receive: one is loved,
  • many locks on a head see: indicates at a frizzy and muddled dear affair.


  • have: you can have hopes,
  • take a short-cut: you will have an unforgettable experience.
(See also hair)

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