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On the left / left handed

In general:

On the left can be understood always only in connection with the other symbols individually. In general it symbolises the unconscious, female, irrational and devastating, the mother and nature. Paralyses of left body half warn about ‹berbetonung of mind and logic.


Orientation concept, - on the left there sits the heart, translates: the feeling, the psychic energy, in general also seat of the unconscious. In former times the woman sat with the wedding on the left from the man. On the left is the side of the heart, with the right hand it is mostly written, i.e., the right side is the side of the thinking and action. On the left a tip to the female side of the dreaming can be in the dream, on his emotional life and to his subconscious. On the left is not to be understood in the dream politically.


The left side represents the female relatives and friends.



  • left handed: a work will be difficult for you, - if patience has.
  • turn to the left showing or: always refers to influence of women or meetings with them, - (7, - 13)

(European ones).:

  • in the sexual principle the passives, receiving, female and it is the worse,
  • against right
  • left-hander: promises all triumph which incline from nature from to it.
(See also positions, of right)

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