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Uprising (revolution) indicates bigger changes in the life which unnerve because one is not able to estimate her exit yet. The life has got in mess. Have you revolted or are to blame other for the restlessness? Shut in the luziden dream to the hostile forces and search notification. It is important to ascertain with what or with whom you are in the contradiction.



  • means bad frustration. Your setting is wrong. You will lose with it your best friends. Soon change your behaviour.

(European ones).:

  • take part in it: Evil and grief, - frustration,
  • see: Evil prevent, - the situation becomes unsafe,
  • see: a change approaches in the life,
  • besides,
  • a friend is killed: Bad luck in all things, - grief by death or heavy illness of a person,
  • and one sees flowing blood: unforeseen issues are to be expected.

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