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Lime tree / lime-tree blossoms

In general:

The lime-tree is since Walter of the bird's pasture the tree under which one meets to take pleasure and fun. In the traditional interpretation: Symbol of the romantic, secret love - 'under the lime-trees' was a preferential meeting place for lovers. Moreover, the lime-tree is valid as a symbolic tree for healing power and positive, stimulating energy - who richly drinks lime-blossom tea against colds and flu, the realistic side of this symbolism gets to know doing good. By the way: In depressive mood to inhale the smell of blossoming lime-trees, works 'true miracles', the dark mind clouds vanish quickly, and one feels a light euphoria. Unfortunately, only at the period of bloom of the lime-trees and if the salutary aroma deeply and at least a walk long is inhaled. The rushing lime-tree announces good news.


As a dream symbol the lime-tree can be interpreted in terms of joy, sociability, natural longing and healing by the nature. Lime-tree (tree, blossom) stands in general for harmony and peace which lead to a happy future.



  • see: in the sociable life can count on favours, - unconcerned future, - also: you will reach an old age,
  • see blossoming: you will have big luck, - soon recover from a health problem, - happy hours with a dear person spend, - one will soon get the opportunity to rest at a quiet place,
  • hear rushing: one will get to hear things which have not been determined for one,
  • lime-tree blossoms: your health strengthens itself,
  • perceive the smell of the blossoms: certain things are kept secret before one,
  • sit under it: one has the urgent desire for rest and security,
  • climb: your wishes are fulfilled.

(European ones).:

  • see: Rest, joy and sociability will soon come to her right, - also: A good omen for dear things. Romantic times with the partner or new love expect one.
  • see lime avenue: if an omen is for a quick happy romance.
  • hear rushing: brings us news of big importance,
  • see a blossoming one: one will soon be able to recover at a quiet place,
  • see lime-tree blossom: one is surrounded by a secret,
  • smell the smell of you: a secret will reveal itself,
  • sit under one: one asks for more rest and security.


  • your future will please you,
  • blossoming: a sudden profit.
(See also tree)

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