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In general:

Lily stands for the roots of the consciousness in the unconscious which one should make to himself again more deliberate. Old dream books interpret them as a symbol of the love, admiration, modesty and selflessness. Because lilies are often integrated into burial wreaths, they symbolise for some people the death. Nevertheless, they can also stand for refinement and charm. If of the dreaming lilies plants, he hopes for a peaceful change in his life. If he picks lilies, he develops a friedvolle existence manner - this applies particularly when a woman has this dream.


Lilies as a dream symbol have mostly concerned a positive meaning what the emotional area. In particular water lilies are a sign for the fact that a little bit particularly beauty from the subconsciousness grows in the consciousness. It is a symbol of the power, but to indicate erotically not like other flower symbols. If the dreamer holds, for example, lilies in the hands, he manages in the awake life especially well and will reach a position in which he has to determine. If they have withered or he throws away them, he belongs to those people who incline to the abuse of power. The lilies which one gives away in the dream point to pure feelings in the awake life. A meaning of lilies is the cleanness, particularly in the dream of youngsters they often show virginity or virginity. Lilies point to different aspects of femininity.


At the spiritual level the lily in the dream is a symbol of the resurrection and the everlasting life. In religious ceremonies they are often used to show this. It is a symbol for beaming cleanness, innocence and virginity.



  • symbol of the harmony and spiritual clarity,
  • see or break: Power and wealth attain,
  • white ones: take pleasure to pure love,
  • yellow ones: Envy and malice get to know,
  • pick: one will be defeated by the persuasivenesses of an honoured person and may be glad about happy hours,
  • make a lily wreath: important business transactions will be delayed.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of the inwardness, the opening of internal emotions, - also: prophesy a hard punishment by illness and death,
  • mean power and wealth,
  • growing with rich foliage: indicate for young people at early marriage and the next separation by the death,
  • see blossoming: one should go off bravely to his aim which one will achieve,
  • pick: sensuous love, - with his activities one should think not only of himself, but also of others,
  • see how lilies are picked: Care, somebody tries to abuse towards his power,
  • white ones see: you are loved faithfully,
  • coloured ones: do not trust to the light,
  • hold in the hand: to be loved meant without knowing it,
  • throw away or destroy: meant the abuse of the power which the punishment will follow on the heels of,
  • wilted: meant decline by own mindless actions,
  • lily sheets or lily stalks without blossoms: mean an injurious self-deception,
  • many lilies see: Modesty in the love,
  • children in the midst of the flowers: if illness and a weak constitution,
  • announce
  • Dreaming a young woman of the fact that she admires lilies or picks then her one big sadness linked with joy is predicted, because the man beloved by her falls hard ill, maybe even early dies. If they have wilted, the grief is even closer than expected. If she inhales the smell of lilies, he will purify grief her spiritual abilities and increase.


  • pick: your good thoughts are blurred by your incorrigible passion,
  • white ones: you will always be able to hope for good friends,
  • coloured ones: do not let from the people deceive.
(See also flowers,' blossoms ',' wreath ',' rose')

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