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Association: - Freedom and beauty of the mind. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for the free flight?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Shimmering, - deceiving, - inspires the imagination, - softly, - gifted airmen. Description: The dragonfly is a long, narrow insect with two fluorescent wing pairs. Like the hummingbird the dragonfly inspires the human imagination. Their gentle, unmenacing present tears the person often from his thoughts and reminds him in natural manner of his surroundings. Dragonflies live after the hatching in small, standing waters and live on other insects. They are like the hummingbird astonishing trapeze artists who forward and backward, up and can fly down and stop in the air. They use the ability to catch insects who are not so movable completely as they. General meaning: Inspiration, - connection with the earth, - illusion as those recognise, - realise the light. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A messenger of mother earth.

In general:

The symbol of the dragonfly stands for carried too far self-centredness and arrogance. She registers the dreaming that he can be deceived too easily from outward appearances and positions himself in the centre of his thinking.


If a dream of a dragonfly acts, the dreaming recognises his need for freedom, but also that freedom can always be from short duration. The dreaming possibly tries to realise a life's dream, nevertheless, has no right overview about what he wants of the life. His action and reacting is rather more instinctive than thought through logically.


Although the life of the dragonfly is short, it symbolises immortality and spiritual renewal.



  • of light, glad life in future, - also: one may take it as a warning: one is tempted to be deceived about everything hinwegzuhuschen and himself by wrong shine.

(European ones).:

  • see: one passes over a lot too easily and is deceived with pleasure.

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