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hang up


One becomes 'hingehängt', slanders so or is deceived. If one himself is hung up, one can achieve an aim only in laborious small work. If others are hung up, one should pay attention to wilful people. Hanging up of laundry before the window of the neighbour signals a conflict in which one is shown up.



  • (Hung) see: Fright,
  • to itself: certain misfortune, - grief becomes not better by brooding. Pull yourselves together, it is not so bad!
  • should be hung up: a warning, one is used in any manner,
  • are hung: you come to high dignity and respect,
  • see hanging up another: you come in an important thing too late,
  • even in hanging up a person be involved: one should watch out for hasty decisions,
  • laundry: one may expect an improvement of the relations, - also: if brings frustration,

(European ones).:

  • see: Fright, illness, misfortune,
  • to itself: big joy, - the situation changes to the better,
  • should be hung up: a warning, one is used by other people,
  • is hung up or become: Luck and honour,
  • hang up themselves to somebody or in it be involved: now one should watch out for hasty actions and decisions,
  • laundry to the dry: one longs for better surroundings and better relations what is partially also reached, - drudgery and plague,
  • hang up a picture: one searches a new guideline for life.
(See also gallows)

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