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Association: - upwards strive. Question: - How high is I to be climbed ready?

In general:

Leader indicates at favorable opportunities to the slow, nevertheless steady rise and refers to how certainly itself the dreaming feels if he moves from a situation to the next. Maybe he must considerably exert himself to achieve his aim or to perceive a chance. This dream symbol often appears by changes in the occupational career and, hence, has an evident meaning ('career leader'). If the rungs have broken, the dreaming must count on difficulties. It is carried the leaders by a dream figure, this could point out to the fact that another person, maybe a superior or a colleague, with the rise of the dreaming plays an important role. Other meanings arise from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • leader emporklettern promises respect, success and honour.
  • leader descend warns about losses, dangers and dwindling respect.
  • leader fall off admonished to more consideration, before one begins something.
  • leader carry indicates that one can help himself.
  • wobbling or damaged leaders means that one has got involved in a very unsafe matter or situation.


A ladder shows the ability of the dreaming to penetrate to a new level of consciousness. He moves from the material to the spiritual and gets at the same time access to his unconscious. These portable stairs mean translated unsafe advancement, unstableness. The 'rung around rung' higher steep tracks on a ladder indicates an unwieldy way for the awake life upwards, the fall of her is a case in the bottomless. The view of Freud, continual climbing up and dosshouses on a ladder circumscribes the sexual act, seems to us allzuweit fetched.


In the dream a ladder often has seven or twelve rungs. This are the stadia of the growth to the spirituality. She symbolises the way to the sky. One rises on by humility and sinks from by pride.



  • see: watch out for thieving people,
  • at the window: Likelihood of a burglary,
  • see leant and do not mount: one will miss a good chance to reach to substantial success, - also: you will be robbed,
  • go up: to high respect reach, - in the life have a lot of luck by diligence, - also: your position improves,
  • do not rise up, although the possibility exists: one miss professionally a chance,
  • climb down: you must not degrade yourself, - financial losses suffer, - a case of illness approaches, - also: you have no luck in the love,
  • fall down: one has too pinned up his aims and should remain on the ground of the reality,
  • another see falling down: one might be let down by a person from whom one would have at least expected it in,
  • carry: you will help for somebody, - also: you plan something secret,
  • drop: one will nastily surprise you,
  • with broken rungs: it is to be calculated on difficulties.

(European ones).:

  • insecurity about success or failure,
  • go up and still do not do it: one misses a good chance,
  • go up: your ambition will be satisfied, - one will succeed, - one will improve in position and salary, - prosperity and luck,
  • by the high-level climbing are packed by the dizziness: one will carry honour not with calmness, - probably one will be haughty and domineering in his new position,
  • have completely climbed: high honour is in view, wealth and perhaps a happy marriage,
  • climb down: one repays to you with ingratitude, - there will be a failure,
  • flee with the help of a ladder from the captivity: one will be successful in spite of many dangers,
  • lie or see put down: one should not let a coming up chance pass unused,
  • at a window see leant: watch out for theft or deception,
  • put up one: Staying power and nervous strength will help too good shops,
  • lean even against a window: an affectionate rendezvous, - one has secret intentions,
  • one near a window leant ones see falling down: one will remain preserved from a big damage,
  • tumble down: your ambition makes you unadvised, - a heavy breakdown, - threatens meant for businessmen fruitless business transactions and an unsuccessful harvest for farmers,
  • others see falling down: one leaves by a person in sting from which one would have expected it in the least one,
  • carry: you will come to assistance to others or help to a success,
  • of others see carried: there is the danger that other will spoil for one a chance,
  • see broken or ramshackle ones: one should leave an intended thing, failure, - because one will not come by damage and disadvantages to the aim,
  • try to use broken or ramshackle ones: points to an unhappy enterprise or enterprise,
  • steep tracks young people on a ladder to the sky, they are raised by a low state to unusual honour, however, find neither satisfaction nor many friends.
  • leading carriage, loads and highly loaded one: if means prosperity.


  • go up: you will harvest laurels,
  • descend: one wants to do down you,
  • leant: you long for love,
  • of her fall off: first think, before one begins something.
(See also rung, stair)

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