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In general:

If a dream of a pawnshop acts, this can be a tip to the fact that the dreaming does not handle carefully enough with his material or emotional resources. Maybe he takes the unnecessary risks about which he should think more carefully. Pawnshop also shows temptations which one may not follow because one goes astray, otherwise, and must count on problems.


Who sees himself or another in the dream in a pawnshop, something must give in the awake life probably on which he has hung once very much. The pawnshop also circumscribes unsafe feelings, sometimes the even psychic disturbances which are founded in the fear to work outwardly not in such a way as one would like to see himself with pleasure. The dreaming is aware of that maybe that the certain qualities and signs which he has taken over from other people have no value for him.


At the spiritual level a pawnshop in the dream shows the prodigal contact with own energy sources.



  • pledge there something or visit: you will get in big dependence, - indebtedness, loss and predicament,
  • see: disagreeable event, - your worries come to no end.

(European ones).:

  • see or enter: if an aberration registers, - one is put out to a temptation, - material setbacks announce themselves,
  • use: one is on a wrong way or looks for a way out from an embarrassment,
  • own or in it act: one is dragged the difficulties more different.


  • is careful, it has the appearance as if your freedom is threatened.
(See also security)

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