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In general:

If the dreaming in his dream lends another person an object, he realises that that the qualities which are symbolised by this object cannot be given away because they are firmly connected with the dreaming that he can divide them, nevertheless, with others. If another dream figure lends an object to the dreaming, the dreaming maybe does not act responsibly enough, around that for which this object is to own independently.


If the dreaming money lends, he creates in his life a tape of the obligation. If money is lent him, he is asked to think about how he handles with his resources and who can grant to him at this meditation work of which kind of support.


At the spiritual level the lendings are connected in the dream with healing and support.



  • somebody something: Ingratitude find out, - also: one has trust to you,
  • of others: you come to need and misery,

(European ones).:

  • means worries and losses, - a gone through temptation finds her way out,
  • a banker Geld of another bank lends
  • : a single-handed effort will knock down him, unless, he takes to heart this warning,
  • a person of money lends: in times of the need, it is granted to a help or is offered, - true friends will support to one,
  • spends a young woman borrowed money, one will find out in which kind she cheats. In this manner she will lose a valuable friend.


  • of others: watch out for carelessness,
  • somebody something: one reveres you.
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