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In general:

A shroud in a dream can be a horrific sight, because it covers a dead person whose identity is hidden with it.


A shroud in the dream can mean that the dreaming covers something. With these 'corpses in the cellar' it can concern the past crimes, killed personality shares or the relations which the dreaming on the conscience has. It is in the time that himself the dreaming confronts with these things and takes away the shroud.


At the spiritual level a shroud in the dream is a sign of respect.


(European ones).:

  • means illness and the worries linked with it and fears, - in addition, still intrigues of evil and wrong friends, - it Li> comes to business setbacks,
  • with an overcast corpse: are a portent for a huge number of misfortunes,
  • are removed from a dead person: it comes because of disputes to the estrangement.

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