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Corpse / corpse

In general:

More badly than death dreams are funeral dreams. The corpse is more than deadly. She does not have the most confidential life more. Possibly the dreamer bumps into such a corpse. She lies at the a little notable place. One has maybe opened a cupboard and horrifies a longest dead people in it found. In the cellar or under the roof the corpse can lie. In some dreams she divides the camp of the dreamer. Not only in the sombre announcements of the courts, not only in the criminal novel going out on creepy tension, no, also in the dream a person can discover that he leads a corpse with himself in the suitcase. This is a little bit completely dead person, dead which the dreamer carries along, however, still in his life luggage. Long ago he should have buried it. Mostly the dreaming does not notice that he carries a cooker of mental infection always on himself. However, rather than him it notices his environment which does not understand that he still suffers from the longest past events, a misfortune many years ago which is made good apparently long ago and simply does not want to bury the past. It can be that the corpse also shows an ideological position which one maintains only externally in which one does not live, however, himself any more. Still this is still sacrificed, as a dead convention which one is nourishing at the expenses of the present necessary, the growing life.


While dreams of burials and death mostly have no awful meanings, but rather are seen than a change symbol, the corpse is a real danger symbol. Corpse can stand for mistake, guilt and failure in the past which one tries to hide, although they are finished long ago. For a long time dead sides, relations, finished and a decease of the certain feelings of the dreaming from which he should have separated long time ago and poison internally him are expressed thus. The unaware wish for the death of another with which one has problems is sometimes expressed. Corpses often appear in dreams of people who are discontented in or with her occupation: One wants to change something, but it simply does not succeed. In some dreams they are also a symbol for conquered difficulties. The dreaming must separate from these complexes encapsulated in him, this can happen only if he can call them to himself in the consciousness. If dreams of corpses appear as reinforced, psychotherapeutic consultation is advised.



  • see: good health attain, - receive a happy message which influences the life positively, - quick overcoming of some difficulties,
  • wash: you will be cleaned by the suspicion,
  • embalmed (a mummy) see: trust in his apparently firm health not too much,
  • see lowering in a grave: forthcoming separation of beloved people,
  • see themselves as one: one will overcome all worries and opposition on which one hits, - also: an old age reach,
  • see a friend as those: a long life will be gave to this,
  • to itself again motively or, speaking: unexpected good news receive,
  • bury: your big luck begins,
  • admirably laid out: Wealth and big inheritance.


  • an ambivalent symbol: The corpse of a stranger prophesies luck, probably in the love. The corpse of a friend indicates to the dreaming that he is about to become estranged from his surroundings, or that a disappointment waits in dear problems for him. To see itself in the dream as a corpse, is a recommendation to search new lives. In general the sign of the dreaming person urges to think about the death. (Man
+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the finished incidents in which personal questions are not cleared yet completely - is a tip to bad views for the life luck and promises bad news of absentees and sombre business prospects, - disappointments meet young people, and they lose her joy of living,
  • see themselves as one: if the freeing from a big worry promises,
  • unknown ones see: if birth tells in the family circle or circle of friends in, - you are loaded to a family party,
  • see in the house: if a forthcoming wedding announces,
  • see in the coffin: announces immediately forthcoming worries,
  • lug round one in the suitcase with himself: in the life luggage drag long ago dead with himself, or have no quiet conscience,
  • a black-dressed: points to the forcible death of a friend in connection with a risqué business entanglement,
  • see one battlefield littered from dead people: if a herald of war and disputes is between countries and political parties,
  • of close members of the family: this or another members of the family will die, - it comes to domestic disagreements, or it is possible for a business stagnation, - for lovers this is a sign that one cannot keep the promise of the everlasting loyalty,
  • lay money on the eyes of a corpse: unconsciously experience how unprincipled enemies to one rob,
  • lay on only one eye money: one succeeds in winning back lost property after an almost hopelessly appearing fight,
  • embalm: you must be caught on disagreeable surprises,
  • with bad smell: Worries,
  • lower in the grave: you will get a rich woman (rich man),
  • an animal corpse: refers to business and private problems,
  • a corpse is in business, all affected persons are confronted with losses and joyless things. The views of a harmonious working atmosphere are extremely unfavorable.
  • this dream grief and downfall prophesies
  • with a young woman, because she has got involved in underhand people.
  • Dreaming a young woman, the owner of the business in which she works is a corpse, and becomes conscious by her that his face is clean-shaven, then she does not do justice to the ideal image of the lover.
  • Seeing a woman the head drop from a corpse, she must watch out for the invisible enemies whom not only you yourselves damage, but also to the interests of her employer.


  • in the house: you will be present at a glad party,
  • see: you will see that one can break nothing over the knee,
  • corpses: one wishes to hear you as a counsellor.
(See also grave,' murderer ',' coffin' and other headwords which hang together with the concept Corpse)

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