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The resurrection stands for energy, assurance, maturation, internal purification, change, fresh start and rebirth. It is quite clearly a hope dream and always indicates a strong process of development, e.g. if he treats the 'resurrection' of an illness or the 'rebirth' of an idea or an aim or the renewal of a romantic, Platonic or professional respect. Now after a time of big difficulties you can draw a deep breath: Now the obstacles are overcome and it is getting better certainly again. Also: A lot of luck prepares a voyage to places of religious interest, for you.


A resurrection symbolises the wish for higher and for spiritual advancement. Now mostly a developing step has been concluded successfully.



    it means
  • Dreaming one of the Auferweckung of the dead people, to freeing from chains and the end of wars. Those which are away from home will soon see again her members in the native country. They will receive from the emperor offices and dignity and rich presents. The women there will bear without pains. And if illnesses at the place rage, they will dwindle.
  • in general today: You will hardly think that from all gravity is taken by you. But it is really the case and, finally, you can draw a deep breath.


  • Dreaming somebody of the call arousal of the dead people, chains will fall where one has looked the face and have need and misery an end. Joy will rule there which goes out from the emperor. And if famine presses in the country, luxuriant fullness will enter.

(European ones).:

  • of the dead people: you will be saved from misery and misfortune by friends, - an internal change begins,
  • a dead see rising: a little bit very much depressing will be taken by one, - as a religiously experienced process a fresh start can indicate this in the life, a turn to the better,
  • even from the dead people: They have big annoyance, at last will put through your wishes, however,
  • see own resurrection: big changes take place in own life, - misfortune changes luckily.


  • Looking somebody in the dream the resurrection of the dead people, will be practiced where one has looked the face justice. If there are there unfair, they will suffer punishment, justice will happen directly to those however, to which wrong happened, because with the resurrection God alone is the fair judge. So this court after human judgement has the same meaning like the Last Judgement.
(See also arousal)

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