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In general:

Loam is valid as a tip to an unsafe life base which favours failures and other difficulties. Who is founded a house with loam, wants to keep away in the awake life injurious influence from himself and work as an unapproachable personality on his environment. For that who gets stuck in the loam the unconscious has the tip ready, he should react quietly once self-centered and try to get on from own strength. Because loam is used in the medicine also for compress and associations, can be maybe interpreted of the fact that to us somebody would like to wrap who possibly has no honest intentions. On feet or shoes he indicates that one makes headway only slowly. If one forms the loam, own ideals appear in it.


Who deals in the dream with loam, (psychic) 'healing learns by ground' - what is not believed at all so in the abstract how it works at first sight: Finally, there are also 'in the real life' health resort treatments with mud packets, mud baths and remedial earth. Who dreams of it, longs for an original kind 'close to the earth' to solve problems from which his attitude to life already 'suffers'.


The loam means illness and insults, - illness because he exists neither of pure water nor of pure earth, but from both mixed and neither one nor other is. However, he points quite of course to a bad composition of the body, i.e. on an illness, - insults because he stains, - further he calls because of his humidity and Schwammigkeit a person who dedicates himself to unnatural desires. He brings luck only to the people who make her everyday bread with loam. If one dreams of having become loam or tone, each threatens the death, excluded the people who earn with it her living.



  • see: slow, laborious going away of your shops, - you achieve no success for your trouble. also: financial profit,
  • have on the feet: you cannot explain a plan,
  • get stuck in it: one will have contact difficulties in dear things, but also the strength these own to overcome what makes the success even nicer, - also: one is hindered in the realisation of certain plans very much,
  • form a little bit from it: Profit.

(European ones).:

  • is valid for loyalty in the house and a happy family life, - one does not get on in his endeavours, - also: stands for Einzelgängertum and menacing insolvency,
  • see: a heavy, but successful job approaches, - if one is diligent, one will get a good financial upholsterer that will be in the future of big use.
  • dig in a mucky hill: one will submit to the unusual demands of the enemies,
  • in a cinder hill bump into loam: bad surprises will hinder running or new enterprises, - efforts will be free of charge,
  • get stuck in it: if an obstacle whose overcoming promises lasting success
  • announces
  • work with it: Connection of the external professional position,
  • build with it a house: Foundation or enlargement of own household stands in view,
  • this dream setbacks brings
  • women in the matter of love, society and business. Wrong representations will overpower them.


  • Dreaming one, he stamps by loam, worries and grief will depress him, the amount of loam immediately by which he stamped - is the loam of bad smell, he will have to endure even more oppressive need and defamation of character because of the revolting smell.
  • he will badly administer
  • Making one with pure earth, his money in worries and need.
  • Seeming it one that one of his clothes of loam has become dirty he will come by somebody to oppression according to the above interpretation after which every garment is covered to a person, - the same interpretation is valid for the body parts from which means to every one certain person how we have above-said.
  • see: one does not want to carry you,
  • more wet: you will recognise that your superiors do not love you because you are too hot-tempered,
  • on the feet: your plan will bump into opposition,
  • form: you have nice ideals.
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