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In general:

A leakage can refer to carelessness in dealing with the own Itself. Maybe the dreaming does not look quickly enough after necessary 'repair' in the physical, emotional or mental area. The leakage makes clear that the dreaming on any Wise energy wastes or loses. If the liquid slowly runs out, he does not note seeping his energy maybe at all. If the liquid shoots, the dreaming should think about how he can 'mend' the hole. Bigger sense of responsibility could be the right way.


In an 'emotional bulkheading' is a leakage - a protective coating was broken through, now a blocked (held back) feeling can freely flow. Who dreams of it, had fear, in an overpowering 'emotion wave' to drowns, to itself to a sensation too much to to deliver - why 'was shut up'. A frequent reconciliation dream after longer, strictly kept up separation time.


At the spiritual level a leakage in the dream always symbolises a loss of life energy.



  • leaky dishes: your wealth melts away in Nothing.

(European ones).:

  • means a quick loss and nuisances, as well as wasted time for usual.
(See also water)

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