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Association: - bad feelings, - Schlappheit. Question: - Where do I search peace? In which manner am I ready to show sympathy?


It seems mostly only in irritant dreams and clear pain is felt in the liver area which cannot be located, however, after the awakening often any more. Nevertheless, one should follow this dream charm and if he repeats is felt, visit, perhaps, a doctor.


The liver means the child, the vitality and the worries. The image forms the basis (of the interpretation that the liver is a seat of the soul and the vitality. Thus longs in the Iliad (24,212) Hekabe for eating as a revenge for her killed son, the liver of the Achilles. The liver was often valid also, therefore, as an origin and seat of the life because one thought that the food of the embryo occurred through them.)



  • see: heavy worries approach, the patience will be strained beyond all measure,
  • roast: you are surrounded by parasites,
  • eat: indicates at long life and health, - also: you will hurt a friend.

(European ones).:

  • mostly the irritant dream which sends a reminder with repetitions to health care,
  • have injurious liver: one chooses to himself a grumbling person the partner,
  • shop: means that one will attain women's favour which is unsteady, however, - also: the health becomes more stable,
  • eat: good health, - also: a swindler becomes to the affection of the partner erschleichen,
  • eat spoilt liver or throw away liver: if means health impairment, indisposition or illness.


  • eat: heavy illness.
(See also body pains,' bodies')

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