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An age encloses after some seven years, - hence, say the doctors, one leaves to a person of two ages not to the vein, they mean with it a 14-year-old which still needs the blood increase and has by no means abundance in blood. Others are of the view, it encloses thirty years, - so some give the age of Nestor at the age of ninety years. According to my view it encloses hundred years, - then most reach either scarcely this age, or cross it around small a little, - moreover, teaches the experience that the statement of the dream fulfilments with this number agrees. For this reason I will go out with the beginning of an age from hundred years. One must write down those figures which prove a sum under hundred in letter writing, add up and lay out there that they mean so many years like the sum brags. This is it, however, the following:?? = (one), - ? an (one),-??, - d?? a,-?? de? a, - de? a?? d?? a. Now is?? = 55, - then it becomes by e plus? expressed, ? an is 51, it becomes by plus? written plus a,-?? 65, because it becomes by e plus? expressed. Also one has d?? a?? de? an and de? a?? de? to write down an after the same procedure and to add. Besides, will arise, that de? a 30?? de? a 85 and de? a?? de? a 90 means. This procedure is valid for the performed figures. Those, however, which, in letters written down and added, the human age exceed, as for example d?? - it proves 474, a number which is reached neither after the experience nor after the likelyhood from a human life - I treat this after the succession of the letters as follows: To the letter calling the number I include the number of every preliminary one. Thus becomes, e.g., d?? by returned, - we still place?? there, arises 3, - 3 with 1 and 2 added, makes 6. Also there is t? ssa? a with the sum of the preliminary letters 10, p?? Te according to 15. E? does mean like I have pointed on top, 65? Pt? however, with the sum of the preliminary letters taken together-?? not counted because it is meant for itself alone 65 and is expressed not by a letter, but by own figure sign - 22 - proves also?? t? 30, and after the same procedure???? a 39.??? an admits a double solution, - then one writes down it in letters and does one add this individually, does it mean 30, hinwiederum it is after the climbing up letter result 49, because it not like?? is expressed by a special figure sign, but by a letter. So that, however, every doubt would be excluded: If one somebody d?? a hears saying, does it mean 30 because the sum of his letters, written down and added, so much proves, - does somebody look, however, somewhere one? written, it means after the procedure 49 mentioned on top and the numerical value of the preceding letters?? is excluded, is added up with 10. Also is e??? see? 69, - t?? a??? Ta 99.? essa????? nevertheless, one may not dissolve Ta in the same manner, - then nobody becomes probably 139 years eleben. The same consideration is valid for pe? t???? Ta and for the even bigger figures. One may explain this not after the climbing up numerical value of the letters, but after her position in the alphabet. Thus is, e.g., tessa????? however, Ta immediately , it can also express 12, - then which means 40 is the twelfth letter. In which case this applies in which not, the following investigation will indicate. Also is able? either be 50 or 13? either 60 or 14, and accordingly the remaining figures. Then there are some compound dimensions which one must divide as for example both first as follows: 2x10 = 20, 3x10 = 30, 4x10 = 40, 5x10 = 50, 6x10 = 60, 7x10 = 70, 8x10 = 80, 9x10 = 90. On the other hand, proves 2x20 = 40, 3x20 = 60, 4x20 = 80 and 5x20 =100. Also makes 2x30 = 60, 3x30 = 90, 2x40 = 80 and 2x50 = 100. If it concerns, however, a higher number of years - one hears, e.g., somebody saying: 'You will live 26 years' - must one disassemble the number and 20 with 20?? but after the abovementioned method with 65 begin. All that proves together 85 years. If is from 27 years the speech, counts Twenties for himself alone 20, the Siebener after the method demonstrated on top 22, together 42. Also is 28 immediately 50, and accordingly every other number which is greater than 25 must be calculated individually for itself. Corresponding one is valid for the figures which are greater than 33, 42 or 52. for it an example: Accepted, it hears somebody saying: 'You will live 57 years', it would be to be expected simply that a person will become 350 years old 7x50, i.e., rather is clear that adds 7 after the method demonstrated on top for himself with 50, 72 proves. If somebody is now within the given number, is evident that to him everything is this including the quite past years zubestimmt. Dreams, e.g., 30-year-old, it says him somebody: 'You will live 50 years', he will live even other 20 years, so that 20 coming years prove just 50 together with 30 ex-. If a 70 year-old dreams, however, it says him one: 'You will live 50 years', it is obvious that neither the ex-years can be meant because these have crossed already the number 50, even other 50 years to 70 what would prove an impossible age. Consequently will he live only other 13 years, because? which calls 50 which is the thirteenth letter in the alphabet. One has to make a suitable calculation with the other similar cases if the called number is though smaller than the ex-lifetime, however, with her taken together an impossible one proves. Here still the following tip: After my observation days, months and years in most cases at all do not have the same meaning, - then by years months and days, by months years and days and by days become months and years called. So that this does not lead to lacks of clarity, one notices himself: If somebody speaks of years, one interprets them as years, if they are measured and are possible, it is a huge number of years, as months, if an immense number, as days. During the days the relation has turned back. If these are many, they have to be valid as days, her number is measured, as months, they are only a few, as years. Also the months are to be interpreted in view of the possible. What is possible or not, becomes with the question after the life span the age of the dreaming, with other times decide the supposed duration of the things. One must keep further before eyes that the gods often give revelations which apparently concern the lifetime, by no means, however, latter and latter mine, but now and again a change of the shops, release of slaves and many other things, as they are included about the death. (See also figures)

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