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Sounds (stringed instrument)


The sounds can be seen like all instruments as a picture for the femininity. However, in the dream she stands more often for the sociability, open-mindedness, contact happiness, but also for the Gefühlsbetontheit and romantic romance of the dreaming. The whole dream action, the played music and her effect on people helping in the dream or the dreaming give more explanation.



  • A tender advertisement,
  • hear hitting: in pleasant society you will been amused.

(European ones).:

    a glad society announces
  • and promises success and luck,
  • play one: it stand to a happy news of distant friends in the house, - - Sounds one hear: pleasant employments follow.


  • cheerfulness and luck,
  • play: you should only have a look at your people.
(See also fiddle, violin, guitar)

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