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listen in


(European ones).:

  • or hear: if is the sign of a revelation of the wrong which one has committed
  • in a door: one should pay attention not to suffer damage by curiosity or to harvest disgrace.

(European ones).:

  • eavesdrop on a conversation: unexpectedly good comes up,
  • listen in in the door: one should defeat his curiosity because one damages himself, otherwise, himself.


  • in the door: one pursues you.
(See also listen of) Louse


The louse can point in the dream to actual illnesses or nervous disturbances. If lice prickle and creep and give no rest, - they point to the nerves of the dreamer in the awake state, on his internal restlessness, the aimlessness and the unmind with which he will reach nothing. Louse can indicate luck and success, however, a symbol is at the same time for selftormenting feelings and negative thoughts which affect self-esteem and energy of the dreaming. They can also show a tip that one is surrounded by tiresome parasites whom one recognises, however, only when those, after they have already 'helped themselves' and "have been filling". If one sees lice in the dream and destroys them, one strokes to Artemidoros a nervous-incriminating event by his memory, - one does not get rid of the parasites, one does not get away from some, the life treacly power.


To have lice in low number, to find them in the body or in the clothes and to kill brings luck. One will become free after this dream face of every grief and every overpowering worry. If these are, however, many and countless ones, this is a bad portent and protracted illness, dungeon tortures or big need prophesies, - then under such relations lice increase, as everybody knows. If one gets rid of them all and one cleans himself from them, freeing from the called Übeln is to be expected. If one which dreams of having lice wakes from the sleep, he might be lost.



  • see or have: disagreeable things must endure, - deterioration of the living conditions,
  • see in masses: a big profit stands in the house,
  • are tormented of it: one will try to bother you by all kinds of plagues,
  • kill: you know how to step aside adjustments,
  • coloured, especially red ones: Monetary profit or joy.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for internal restlessness, very often in connection with nervous irritations and spiritual disturbances or mental uncertainty,
  • see one: the health is threatened and an opponent presses substantially,
  • many lice see: one will receive in the lottery to profits or unexpectedly or in unusual kind of money, - also: Worries and Scherereien with the often following ailments,
  • in plants: if famines and losses forecast,
  • have: unsightly differences of opinion with friends are to be feared,
  • catch: one is susceptible for illnesses and sombre thoughts,
  • many kill: very good omen.


  • have: the disagreeable fate chance which, however, soon pleasant follows - the luck is loyal to you,
  • see with others: Impetus, - an unexpected luck comes to you to the house,
  • very big ones see: Wealth, - an unbelievable success will appear.
(See also insects, parasite, vermin)

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