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Running in the dream points to speed and river. Vorwärtslaufen stands for confidence and efficiency. Who runs with perseverance, strives against an aim which he will also achieve with energy. A certain rash which indicates inhibitions is sometimes hidden behind the symbol. Time and place have an important meaning in such dreams. Where the dreaming runs, he maybe bumps into the reason, why tempo is necessary. One of the possible reasons to run can be that the dreaming is pursued. Something tells to hold in the running to take over responsibility. Run away is a tip to fear and the inability to step in action. Old-Egyptian dream researchers interpreted the running with which one does not come, however, from the place, as the long, sometimes vain waiting for own success.


At the spiritual level running indicates in the dream to hold something in movement.



  • see, person or animal: one will receive a message, - also in the next future: one wants to preempt to you,
  • a human group on coming up: one will be able to count on a bigger allowance,
  • a human group by water running towards: the great love comes up on,
  • even (after an aim): one will reach this or come close to him what one has considered,
  • even (without aim): you are afraid of the obligation,
  • see tiring themselves and, besides, well making progress: one will be able to escape menacing danger easily, - also: one needs to make no more headaches to himself around his enterprises, they will well progress, - also: promises quick rise in the occupation,
  • person or animal by a carriage: all kinds of obstacles will detain you in your shops,
  • want to, but be able not from the place: your efforts will be vain, - or you still have to overcome many obstacles, until the success appears, - (6, - 57)
  • and his aim quickly reach: your wishes will come true shortly,
  • and, besides, stagger or bump to an obstacle: announces unhappy chances,
  • and, besides, fall without taking damage: your plan will find an interruption,
  • and, besides, fall and injure themselves: only by big care you can escape a danger,
  • with other together: one wants to inspire you for a thing.

(European ones).:

  • or run and well make headway: now all actions are crowned by success,
  • others see running: if brings the fulfilment of a wish,
  • want to run and are not able: if the failure of a work prophesies.


  • or see running: you will come into money,
  • and not from the place come: the success for your trouble will keep waiting long,
  • and the aim reach: happy enterprises,
  • overtake somebody in the course of: you will survive the person concerned.
(See also jogging, running)

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