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Attempt / assassin


One feels delivered and fears power. The unconscious is afraid of mental wound. Who experiences an attempt in the dream, thrilling approaches that and other symbols indicate whether it concerns nice or bad experiences. In any case one should be on the alert for a surprise attack. A dreamer who himself plans an attempt or commits wants to be involved in the awake life maybe in a hopeless seeming thing. Who observes an attempt from sure distance in the dream, also remains in the most menacing situations reliable, 'cool' and sovereign.



  • be present if one are committed: to let prevail a reminder, with decisions the biggest care, - (59, 48)
  • in even: the advice is given to one not to be intimidated from his environment,
  • commit or with others together: one should check once whether one does not exert himself for a thing which promises no success.

(European ones).:

  • commit: must watch out for disgrace, - one sacrifices himself for a hopeless thing,
  • see or experience: the big excitement which have, however, happily ('blessing in disguise') passes,
  • in is explained: Dangers threaten, - one can overcome not all problems,
  • see other person about whom covered in blood an assassin stands: if misfortune,
  • promises besides,
  • flows blood: business or private losses.
(See also murder)

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