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Association: - Ability to carry loads. Question: - Can I take over the responsibility?


The own I on which special loads are imposed. Truck symbolises energy, energy and ambition by the coping of difficult duties. Is the truck hard overloaded - or does one steer him, nevertheless, certainly to the aim? Which 'goods' must be transported which values wants one to provide? What does one feel as 'too hard' for a transport on the life route? A postmental dream which asks to endure spiritual, psychic and physical continuous stress not of course but to unload the ballast which hinders to one in getting on. If the truck is loaded with pieces of furniture, points to a life change.



  • a matter kicks to the advantage, - in the next time nice success has, because up to now insolubly appearing difficulties can be easily overcome, - also: you will cover another flat.

(European ones).:

  • see: one has a lot of ambition and strength and will master quite a lot of load and difficult job,
  • a furniture transporter or move: indicates a personal change or an opinion change,
  • pays attention to your speeches, or one will suffer losses, - a chance meeting brings advantageous results.


    you should explain
  • your plan,
  • of him will cross: the luck stands to you aside.
(See also car, vehicles, trip)

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