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Vice (behaviour pattern)


To the dreaming is alerted the side of itself which rebels and is not with the society in harmony. The dreams give to the person the opportunity to try out behaviour patterns which he could not bring in the normal life to the use. If vices become conscious by the dreaming in his dream like sluggishness, envy or apathy, he can handle in future with this inclination in himself maybe better.


Unacceptable behaviour can express itself in the form of a vice. The dreaming should find out for himself by whose graduations is judged, and accordingly handle with it.



  • Your secret pleasure will damage to you.

(European ones).:

  • to one be leant towards: one is in danger of endangering his call because one is guided towards bad influence,
  • other see indulging in a vice: a misfortune will happen to a relative.

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