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Noise can originate from external charms and then requires no interpretation. Often he expresses nervousness and restlessness whose causes one must recognise from the concrete living conditions. The unaware noise sometimes also hits to draw the attention of us with stress to a danger situation. In general he announces restlessness and excitement in our private area. One wants to make 'a noise to somebody' or hit 'noise' because one has (entitled) annoyance. In addition one does not want to 'keep quiet' any more and now would like to get 'hearing', even if one had to 'be expressed', besides, properly. This is why it goes in the dreams which have noise to the contents.



  • make: you will cause a lot of sensation in certain circles.
  • to disagreeable ones hear: one must make himself calm on difficulties in the private or professional area, - also: one should watch out to treat badly a good friend, - also: one wants to disturb your work.

(European ones).:

  • hear: Quarrel and quarrel, - brings restlessness in the house,
  • cause: Annoyance by own inattentiveness or loss of the position by negligence.


  • hear: wrong friends want to do a practical joke to you.

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