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Atom bomb

Association: - Destruction on a large scale? Question: - What is I to be finished ready? Whose end do I fear?


The atom bomb means a strong menace for person and environment in the reality and can also stand in the dream as a serious danger symbol for the fear of irrationality and before wrong used power. If in this manner fear is experienced concerning the external world, the dreaming must maybe realise that the ending of a certain period of life in especially dramatic manner approaches near. An atom bomb causes intentionally an explosion which serves excluding the destruction. Often the feeling walks along with the vision that an explosion must walk at the head by the devastating energy which slumbers in the unconscious of a person of a new construction or the life can destroy. The dreaming maybe fears that somebody wants to destroy his carefully built up life. However, she also appears with negative dream restlessness in disaster dreams as a real danger. It points to a spiritual or psychic splitting of the dreaming, however, can be also a signal for a neurotic resolution or, in the worst case, for a schizophrenia. However, the dream symbol of the atom bomb can be also understood in such a way that with an illness of the dreaming his sphere is also endangered.


The uncontrollable forces of the life and the unconscious have become conscious by the dreaming.


(European ones).:

  • see: it will soon use a disaster which concerns you and your loves,
  • nuclear discussion: must soon swallow a lot of annoyance which discharges in an extremely destructive way.
(See also bomb, region, explosion)

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