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A lamp stands in the dream for guidance and wisdom and the life generally. She can also show old religious images which must be brought on the newest state. In her practical quality she symbolises in the dream the intellect and charity. The lamp is in myths and fairy tales a symbol for the consciousness light. In the dream appears a lamp, torch, a light if a light rises to the dreaming in the figurative sense or should rise or if he starts to realise an up to now unaware light bit by bit. It depends on whether the lamp shines brightly or whether it concerns a murky dim light. Happy balance, the dim light mental tensions promises the brightly shining. If the dreaming is near a lamp, this refers to a clear perception. If it is lighted, one receives help in a difficult situation or will help others. If our lamp goes out in the dream, the soul to themselves knows no advice in a situation maybe precarious for us. If the lamp breaks, sends a reminder to the care, because could have broken in our inside some breakable or already.


At the spiritual level a lamp can refer in the dream to the image of a personal light in the darkness or symbolise the light of the divine and immortal.


The candlestick means the wife, the lamp the landlord and the life breath of the dreaming, either because they supervise the processes in the house, or because she easily goes out, - further, because of the flaming up, dear passion. An oil lamp brightly burning in the house brings luck, - it promises each increase in material property and prosperity, unmarried the marriage and sick person the health, - a dark and cloudily calls dejection and heaps sick people shortly away. However, a gone out lamp indicates rescue, - one will light them because again. A lamp from ore prophesied, the luck becomes more continual be harder the misfortune, however, one of tone already less, - both bring concealed. A fateful calm (St Elmo's fire shows a lamp aboard a ship looking?) in. It dreamt one, he lights a lamp in the moon. He went blind. Since he tried to take from there light where he could light impossibly which. Moreover, one says that the moon has no own light.



  • with bright light: if love and passion forecasts, - also: you are taken up friendly, - a pleasing event, - happy days,
  • promises
  • with dark light: one waits secretly for your arrival,
  • with murky light (dim light): concludes by the Erkaltung of a friendship,
  • stay near a burning one: one will get explanation about an important thing,
  • light: you will soon see clearly, - one will give pleasure to a being close person, - one will come with a dear person to narrower connection,
  • by itself are roused: one will be saved from a dangerous situation on time,
  • smoking: one wants to annoy you,
  • carry: behave in the public transport clumsy,
  • extinguish or by itself going out: your love is not to be held,
  • burning ones upset: big misfortune find out.

(European ones).:

  • internal lacks of clarity torment and press after knowledge,
  • many lamps: the way will be light,
  • clean: announced good times,
  • light: one gives a pleasure to somebody consciously or unconsciously or helps him, - also: one will change his life soon to the good,
  • see which is lighted by others: one will find out by other something good,
  • brightly and clearly burning ones see: Advantage, - promises a nice experience, joy and luck, - domestic blessing,
  • see cloudily or flickering ones: preserved hopes do not want to come true surely, - something beauty cannot develop surely or is disturbed, - it expects to an envy and envy combined with suspicion,
  • blackening ones see: a serious bad luck is to be expected,
  • carry a burning one: is independent and to own opinion stand,
  • the light of a weight-bearing lamp goes out: one must count on bad results, count, perhaps, even on the death of friends or relatives,
  • drop a shining one: if the sudden end of the plans,
  • announces
  • in panic throw a lamp from the window: Enemies will lull to sleep to one with friendship protestations and recognition,
  • light the clothes with a lamp: from the people by whom one sympathy and encouragement erwart, are degraded - the shops will not go well,
  • explode: former friends will form an alliance with enemies to damage to one,
  • extinguish themselves one: one becomes conscious or unconsciously to somebody a joy or a luck interfere, cloud or destroy,
  • see which is extinguished by others: one will suffer a loss,
  • break: one will come by an inattentiveness hard to damage or get in danger,
  • watch how somebody breaks one: Warning before an enterprise which will be perilous or involving heavy losses,
  • broken ones see: point to the death of friends or relatives,
  • see going out: a death,
  • with oil full lamps: stand for active business activity which the desired results bring,
  • empties lamps: if depressions and despondency promise.


  • brightly burning: clarify happy time approaches you,
  • see extinguishing: Grief,
  • carry: you are on right way,
  • light: Luck.
(See also fire, lantern, light)

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