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Be lame paralysis /

Association: - Opposition, - no change and no growth. Question: - For which step do I prepare?


Very often the phenomenon of the paralysis appears in nightmares. One would like to run away before the danger what does not succeed, nevertheless, because one is not able to do himself simply from the place wegbewegen. This is thereby released because one is in the dream and especially in the nightmare near of the Aufwachgrenze (REM-sleep). Nevertheless, in the dream the motor activity, up to the ocular motor activity, is switched off for reasons of the protection. Somebody who rolls in the bed worriedly to and fro never is in the claws of a nightmare. If one suddenly reaches in the nearness of the Aufwachgrenze, one realises that one cannot move because the motor activity only a fraction is activated later again. This phenomenon is processed straight away fantastically. If a person is paralyzed in the dream, this is a picture which is to be understood literally. The vision paralysis is to be interpreted as an immobility in the spiritual and/or emotional sense (emotional paralysis). It is a tip on more mobility. The dreaming has lost the trust in his strength. Paralysis often symbolises fears, inhibitions and feeling of inferiority which hinders the life, - one can overcome them only from own strength. Maybe one feels between two Mühlsteinen each other of conflicting influence, for example, to a loyalty conflict between an immediate superior and a colleague, or between the husband and him or the lovers, or even between possibilities of the action. The dream action gives other explanation. Also the kind of the impediment matters to the interpretation of the dream. The unconscious also reminds the dreamer sometimes, he should not venture sometimes a little bit kürzertreten, so much. If the dreaming sees a paralyzed person in his dream which he knows, then he must make to himself his vulnerability and insecurity deliberate. If he does not know him, it concerns with the dream figure very probably a concealed personality portion with which he is confronted now.


At this level paralysis can stand in the dream for a spiritual inability which suffocates any movement immediately in sluggishness.



  • see one: in a desperate situation get, - troubled times await, - also: one feels inhibited in his actions, - also: with suddenly appearing difficulties have to fight during the next days,
  • several lame see: disagreeable things will come to ears of one,
  • be: you have to expect a blow of the destiny.

(European ones).:

  • often warning dream, - instantaneous difficulties cannot be overcome, - it is better, careful to wait, - points to financial setbacks and disappointing scientific success,
  • see a lame: if brings need and incommodities, - difficulties will delay the aims and plans,
  • be lame: insults are to be feared, - one is restrained in his actions,
  • with lovers prophesies this the end of the affection,
  • Seeing a young woman somebody are lame, unfortunately, her luck expectations will not come true.


  • be: you have experienced a lot and will experience even more, - hardship approaches you,
  • lame see: disagreeable news will move you into grief.
(See also nightmare, amputation, arm, impediment, leg, immobility and other limbs)

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