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Load (business)


Store can point to the fullness of the life possibilities which one uses not enough, - besides, one lets out some chance and good opportunity. If the business is empty, one has miscalculated in the awake life anyhow. An empty or locked store stands after old dream books for failure. Who enters a store, expects that one serves him, but one must already know what wants one translated: Who does not know what he should buy, is in the awake life a person with lacking determination who knows it, makes decisions which will help him. Also one feels from the life at the moment undeprivileged. One pays attention to what was in the foreground. Was it the product, material things are absent (what business was it?) . Or it was the conversation with the shop assistant, then the life unnerves at the moment. One does not understand what goes forward and seeks advice. If the main focus on the payment lay, one probably lays to big weight on the money. Even if the world often looks different, the most important things are not for sale. If one is the shop assistant or one carries on the business, one prostitutes himself, comes along maybe even to the ridicule of his people. However, in this way one hardly wins real friends or even love. Here one should take care of more self-confidence. Only in few cases one can be glad as an owner of a dream store about financial advantages. If the dreaming passes a business, he misses in the deliberate life maybe a favorable opportunity.



  • see: you will spend money,
  • with different goods: good shops make,
  • to full ones see: one will easily fulfil his duties if one exerts himself with full strength for it,
  • storekeeper be: one will soon make a productive deal,
  • enter or see entering themselves: one will make an important decision and act accordingly,
  • open store push: your time has not come, waits with your activities,
  • leave: one has disappointed you,
  • close: you have filed a passion,
  • pass one: one will remain spared just still from damage by the winding up of his shops.

(European ones).:

  • mental Exhibition, - much too voluntary Anbietung,
  • see an empty one: if missing efforts and disputes,
  • prophesy
  • pass an empty one: one will happily go past to a loss or an inconvenience,
  • enter into an empty one: if brings a disappointment,
  • come out of an empty one: Reminder or tip to give up a hopeless thing
  • own an empty one: if means grief and worries,
  • with many customers see: good business, - prosperity,
  • of full goods see: Advantage and profit, - wealth and making headway,
  • pass one with product to full ones: you will resist a temptation, - one will miss a favorable opportunity,
  • with product to full ones go in: you will have big expenditures, - beginning of a successful enterprise,
  • come out of one with product to full ones: one will suffer a material loss,
  • own one with product to full ones: brings material advantages,
  • closed: bad trend of affairs,
  • believe, - her store would burn: Signs for renewed activity in business and private pleasure,
  • are in a department store: a lot of pleasure from different springs enjoys,
  • goods in a department store see: own making headway is accelerated by own energy and the efforts of the friends,
  • as a man sell to a woman a pair of grey, worn cotton gloves: the opinion about women will press to one in a dangerous position, - Having a woman this dream, her affection is not welcomed for a certain person by this particularly.


  • with customers: your occupation becomes you emporbringen,
  • shop there: is careful, a loss approaches,
  • closed: you will have to overcome big difficulties,
  • see: do not let to bad things entice.
(See also make purchases, shop of, businessman)

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