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Association: - Expression of the joy, - cheerfulness outbreak, - reconciliation. Question: - In which manner am I ready to admit more cheerfulness? Which pressure want I to allow to escape?


Laughter (laughter) can point to worries and problems. It is as it were the releasing sigh of the soul, that one from (hopeless?) situation has found out. Sometimes it points out to the fact that one takes seriously the life to. As a rule the object of the entertainment gives explanation about the meaning of the dream for the everyday life. If the dreaming laughs together in a group, the common pleasure strengthens the group feeling. In the antiquity one turned laughter in wines and wines in laughter what we cannot confirm from own experience. The dreaming mostly wakes during the laughter, - then he still laughs with open eyes, however, knows often hardly more, why. If the dreaming is laughed in his dream, this shows that he fears to be ridiculous, or that he has done something inappropriate and is ashamed now for it. Such an exclusion is a painful experience.


At the spiritual level is laughter, above all about itself, an important achievement of the dreaming.



  • even: indicates at sadness, - also: you succeed in the love and in the occupation,
  • hear from somebody: one fears to be mocked because of any thing, or maybe because of an embarrassing experience from the past,
  • hear from several: one is glad about your failure,
  • others see laughing: one will be deceived by these and be deceived,
  • somebody hear without his face to see: one should watch out for great danger.


  • Being one in the dream even the laughing, so one may expect good news and/or a financial improvement. If one is laughed, there approaches the end of a friendship. If one laughs together with others, pleasing times approach. In general the sign wants to remind the dreaming of the portion of the feelings in the life.

(European ones).:

  • wrong laughter: is valid for tears, - the worries are bigger than it seems,
  • amusing playful laughter: one of the best omens,
  • others see laughing: one has to expect a humiliation,
  • others hear laughing: one will get to feel the mockery or the malicious pleasure more different,
  • one hears
  • the travesty laughter more different: it expects to an illness and disappointing events,
  • even: if success means with all plans and the society of happy people,
  • excessively laugh at a strange object: if disappointment and missing harmony promises in the surroundings,
  • at the bad luck more different to laugh: one will injure to the fulfilment of own selfish wishes deliberately the friends,
  • happy child laughter: synonymous with joy and health,
  • there laughs a former friend: the past embarrassing event appears again because one has not completely overcome it yet.


  • hear: Incommodities,
  • laugh: you will have reason for the cheerfulness.

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