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One understands a jewel (precious stone) in general as the symbol of the invariable personality core which one should not allow to touch. In the traditional interpretation: Vanity and Prahlsucht. More topical sense: Jewels are a symbol for 'concealed treasures' which one owns - develop talents and ideas, to discover it and is valid and which promise success. Sometimes one dreams of jewellery and precious stones if one can be enticed completely with pleasure 'by the nice light', or by the people who have a brilliant appearance and are 'fluorescent personalities'. It is also the wish for a better appearance, than hope for the fact that one can shine in the society once himself or that one comes to something. Hope is deceptive: Who carries jewels in the dream without owning really them, it will not mostly bring very far, - he mostly does not find the right setting to the life because he hangs too much on outward appearances. To see a rare jewel which does not belong, can mean that one does not understand the importance of a future friendship. To reject this friendship can cause in the later life difficulties. Moreover, they can also warn about poverty and losses or admonish to thrift. One interprets the single precious stone kinds often as follows:
  • amethyst as a warning, with high expectations to leave sighting and plans the ground of the reality what leads without fail to the disappointment.
  • diamond as a symbol of the consciousness, sometimes also of the coldness, greed and the excessive striving for influence and power.
  • Lapislazuli as an embodiment of vitality and sensitivity.
  • opal stands mostly for the need for mental-spiritual purification, after security and protection.
  • pearl symbolises internal harmony to which one will reach, however, only by suffering, - for example, by painful selfexamination and changes.
  • ruby means feeling warmth, a differentiated emotional life and a lot of cohumanity, - often he appears in dreams of people whom one calls colloquially 'heart-good', however, he can also embody the longing for frank feelings in this sense.
  • sapphire can ask to give up overemphasized sensuousness, hedonism or materialist settings, so that one finds internal peace.
  • emerald stands for the enlargement of own consciousness by self-knowledge from which one wins more internal harmony.
  • a blue jewel shows the freeing from a topical problem.
  • green jewels can point to security and rest, but also to envy.



  • in general: Jewels mostly have a bad premeaning. One becomes in close future in a pressed situation if not even poverty, get and a lot must renounce at what one has looked up to now as Natural.
  • see: wrong hopes have,
  • own: a present receive,
  • get as a gift: Flatterers ensnare you,
  • give: one wants somewhat of you,
  • carry: you will come to social prestige, - also: a Hochzeiter comes,
  • shop: watch out for a big loss or bad luck, - also: pointless issues make,
  • lose: one will ruin good chances to himself by morbid mistrust himself.


  • a tip to danger: Every kind of jewel warns against letting mislead from wrong vanity. The dreaming person may mistake earthly goods not for luck, but comes only to fulfilment if she searches the true values of the life. In general you mean the sign that it inclines very much to fall for flatteries.

(European ones).:

  • one hopes to be able to cover internal like external poverty by shining trinkets,
  • see: if mean a lot of pleasure and wealth,
  • other see with it: one himself or a certain friend, holds a high rank in the society,
  • shop: one will be forced to the thrift, - the momentary matters will turn out successful, particularly in affairs of the heart,
  • find: brings shining advantages in punkto business and power,
  • carry: leads to social prestige and satisfaction,
  • inherit: own prosperity will unusually grow, even if not to the satisfaction,
  • give away: if is a warning that a certain life state approaches,
  • one
  • separate from jewels: one will do unconsciously something to own disadvantage,
  • lose: if an unexpected luck tells in,
  • a jeweller be: Losses in shops,
  • jewel-occupied clothes: cause luck, - inheritance or speculation profits provide for a rise,
  • Dreaming a young woman that she gets jewellery indicates the big comfort and a desired marriage.
  • she meets
  • Losing a young woman jewels, people whom you only flatter and deceive them.


  • have: one wants to rob you,
  • dress up with it: Capital losses.
(See also precious stones, gold, jewellery)

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