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Even who has consciously decided to have only of his family compared with obligations and not to break the head to himself about fairness and prejudices, it is reminded now and then in his dreams of it - as from his improve I - that it simply does not go without justice and justice. In a courtroom dream one sits maybe even on the dock. However, one can also be the judge or the public prosecutor or juror. One can embody even the right speaking monarches or a policeman who provides for the fact that right and order are protected. Justice subjects in the dream are almost with certainty tips that own subject causes big moral conflict in the awake life. If one stands instead of being delivered to him, on the side of the law, thus somebody presumably trusts in the fact that own sense provides for justice for a fair decision. This can concern an easy family thing, but also a lot of handing on one. Which decision is to be made, would would have to be seen from the dream analysis clearly. For the judgement of a justice of dream the behaviour of the authority's person is also important. Has one accepted the judgment? Or was arbitrariness and injustice in the play? If one himself was the judge, one must maybe file in the reality some prejudices or report relevant proofs more persuasive. Was one the accuser, but at the same time also the defendant, and did the conscience work moves? The dreams with which something is weighed are a reminder to look at both sides of a thing, - maybe one has not attached to a side enough weight. Feelings of guilt of all kind and punishment rituals or - images are after Freud always projections which would rise from below to themselves from the subconscious already by 'injuries of the norms', even if the real debt level is not reached at all.


(European ones).:

  • are led in court: if means luck,
  • are condemned: a dear affair.
(See also court and under the single concepts)

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