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The aspect that deception and guile are foreign to the maiden mind, is emphasised by such a dream. If the dreaming feels in his dream as untouched, this refers to a state of the innocence and cleanness. If another person is untouched in the dream, she emphasises the ideals of the entirety and honesty. Virgin stands for a development of the personality which remains superficial, the core of the being does not change, - then one should try to remain loyal to himself in spite of the necessary adaptation to external compulsions and living conditions always. She also represents in the dream like the unknown woman the female side of the dreaming. In man's dreams the embodiment of the Anima, or the tip that the dreaming suffers from a mother's complex and does not want to accept, therefore, in the reality the woman in her whole femininity. The virgin appears to just young men desirable picture of the woman whom they want to marry. It must not necessarily be the longing for female virginity which allows to dream a man of a virgin. A virgin is a blank sheet in the practical life. Therefore, in the dream it can be about the not yet concerned enterprises who should be begun. With a woman a dream of a virgin suggests that she has a good connection with her own psyche. It is a symbol for the shade of the woman. The actions and behaviour patterns of the virgin reflect unaware behaviour patterns and traits of the dreaming. The virgin can show in women's dreams often the fear of the partner or his refusal, as well as strong emancipation and aggressiveness towards the man, a strong father's connection or Egozentrik in the love and sometimes frigidity. The vision of the virgin is a symbol occupied with many meanings. The dreaming should deal to be able to interpret properly such a dream consciously with himself and his settings to man or woman. After traditional dream interpretation the symbol can also announce renunciations and renunciation in the life.


At the spiritual level the virgin indicates a kind of innocence and cleanness which is often put in the service of other people in the dream.



  • see or speak: a happy acquaintance make, - with big surprise are astonished at something that one would have held one for possible,
  • find: Luck in the play,
  • with wreath: there is a wedding,
  • get for the dance: new acquaintance, love affair,
  • kiss: own way of life will soon decide change, - also: Profit and wealth,
  • see praying: an engagement is solved.

(European ones).:

  • sign of an internal change, - the first step is reached, - also: with the speculations have luck,
  • remain: if brings renunciation,
  • (for man): symbolises a new professional plan or he would like to get to know a special woman closer,
  • offend one by unrestrained remarks: one will be punished,
  • desire one to the woman: one will be welcome,
  • marry one: if a good house being tells in,
  • see the portrait of the holy virgin: Warning before menacing difficulties, - would be booked and watchfully with all,
  • speak to the holy virgin: if means consolation and perfect luck,
  • bekränzt see: you will reach to high honour,
  • hear praying: Downfall,
  • one may hope
  • with an illness for recovery,
  • a man a forbidden respect with a virgin enters
  • , he will not complete an enterprise and agree by the discomfort other big annoyance.
  • she wishes
  • Seeing a woman in the dream a virgin, more chastity and abstinence in her life.
  • then
  • Seeing a married woman as a virgin, will regard itself them because of her past remorse. Their future is not promising.
  • Dreaming a young woman not to be any more virgin then she runs the risk to ruin her call by indiscretion.


  • see: you will have luck,
  • meet: you will be comforted in your grief,
  • with wreath: you will reach to high honour,
  • kiss: you will experience joy,
  • receive to the woman: you will lead a good household,
  • hear praying: do not lose your footing.
(See also defloration, woman, 'girl', 'mother', 'zodiac') Virginity


However, the loss of the virginity in the dream can mean something else than defloration in the sexual sense. He can symbolise the loss of the purely childish innocence - because maybe present naive images were destroyed. What has one lately found out in the awake life that shook own child faith which would have thrown images about the heap or could have destroyed the illusions? (See also defloration, virgin)

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