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young (youth)

Association: - Unripeness, - vitality. Question: - Which part of me blossoms?


To dream of own youth escape from the responsibility of the adult's existence can mean. Maybe you are very unsafe to yourselves theirs itself and run after, therefore, to the today's youth mania because you believe to be so more attractive. It is put in the youth, however, also important points for our life or the causes are created for later neuroses. Therefore, they should pay attention to it under which circumstances and with which feelings you dream of youth. They could find out important about your most internal dreams and impulses.



  • be: you will make yourself not popular by your futile being,
  • want to be: you make yourself ridiculous.

(European ones).:

  • are younger: if annoyance,
  • promises
  • be: Behave immature
  • to themselves see becoming young: one laughs at your vanity,
  • others see becoming young: you will experience joy in your children.


  • be: do not make yourselves by your vanity before other ridiculous,
  • others see: you will experience a lot of joy with your children.
(See also conversion)

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