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In general:

To no place, in no geographic or mental scenery the dreaming returns more often than in the country of the youth. How many dreams begin: I had grown up at home, in our former house, on the village, in the town, because I. Sometimes it is, as if the dreaming could not leave this place of the childhood almost any more. There a part of the soul of the adult dreamer apparently is in an internal situation which either hangs together with events of the youth or can express itself in their picture., Among the rest, the internal intensity of the childhood dreams of adults comes along that the child experiences the world in the first years almost magically, as a magic realm, - it is with her unconsciously another one. But also the growing consciousness receives very strong impressions in a young and fresh soul. There happens the first and meeting 'affecting' therefore with the world. One anticipates their order and unsecrecy, the frightening, bewildering and all fullness and beauty. Youth is a personal myth time, symbolic-strong morning of the life. An especially bitter life need grows out from decades of empty or ill-treated youth. The youth is, usually without much own responsibility, with most children still relieved of heavy life worries. Also this time does not stand among the gods and demons of the propelling luck and the propelling challenges, - the young person still seems to have all possibilities before himself, even misery, narrowness and need never look final. This is a reason of the reverse-walking longing of ageing people who have used her narrow possibilities long ago. The child also lives in an environment which loves it, - it is still protected, just at home. This everything is to be taken into consideration with the interpretation by the dreams which happen in the youth scenery, in Once of the childhood events. The dreams which happen in the youth country can have a positive or also negative sense. In the course of our personal development everything is not used by us what gave us the life in abilities of beginning. Thus a part remains of it latent in the district of our soul which contains the pictures of the childhood. One often dreams a certain street of that time which one has forgotten long ago. Now we have to ask ourselves: Who lived there what happened where one passed this street? One has to answer this question and will come with the help of the context and the inspirations on connections which revive something what has stayed behind, subnormal in that street and her inhabitants. Now these contents should assimilate to our being. We can also have left somewhere else, in a room, on a court, in forgotten gardens, in the canal, somewhat of our being. At the moment we do not make progress internally surely, we are in stagnation and now have from the dream heraufzuholen what is invested at that place, in a former companion, in a book of our youth reading. Devices, animals, localities, related, longest departed people of the environment at that time appear and with them that for which they are a simile. Now this is moved in the nearness of our consciousness, becomes handy and can become our new, detailed possession. If we find ourselves as adults at the place of our youth, we have arrived with our 'original', because where something grow, can arise. If a man a person, a new, important respect meets in the dream in the streets of his native country, in his parental house, then he has taken up the new in his original being or has confronted with him, - what happens at home, happens with me! Such dreams, because we hit as adults with adults of our present, are to be interpreted quite positively. The establishing of today's events to a recollection of happy travel preparation at that time or to a success of the boy at that time or girl at school, to the first love is also positive. One is again in own personality beginnings in it, and the new is überglänzt from the morning light of that youth. If we are, however, again children in this last nice or worry-occupied time, the dream is hardly to be called favorable, then we are level even again child. It is an infantile, undeveloped in us or something which would like to take the escape home, in the irresponsible, unadult, we want to become umhegt from the other. With it we go away even more from the reality and the duties of our adult life day. It can seem that people, they exaggerated a lot perform, indefatigable of the success, such dreams compensatory must have, - they let then her uniformity, possibly the occupational overestimation, the fight for the validity not develop a side of her being. With it a not safe tension has originated between the undeveloped child, the 'childish', and the sly man with his outside success. As everybody knows, this childish, this not codeveloped side, especially ridiculously or sadly expresses herself in the traffic with own family, in illnesses or in any enforced silence. There is also dreamer, completely hang remain in an unaware state, - they have withdrawn secretly into an admittedly only apparently continuing to exist youth to make way to the life with his big and troubling demands. Then the road-leading dreams really show us as children, however, require in the whole dream expiry obviously a quickened and limited decision to become adult. Shapes and events and above all the magic scenery of our childhood appear especially impressive, at our life middle. They bring up material which we do not drop either during the years since that time to enough processed - possibly early embarrassing experiences, certain parental relations, knowledge which at that time to the child risen and which we have, or possibly the experience of the death of parents, brothers and sisters or companions. To them we have to win a new setting, after the present setting and judgement - possibly of our parents - had been for the first two decades of our deliberate life absolutely enough. The young people who are just in the adult being hineingewandert should not dream before her childhood, because her life means coming and not differentiation of the past. It is to be valued unfavorably if young people return in the dream over and over again home. The look also of the unconscious may not go currently after backward, otherwise one solidifies and forgets entrancedly from the escaping one the future aim. Against it childhood dreams on the place are in the change time of the maturity, because this just needs to her new building also of the material of the past. Childhood dreams of old people are a sign that the life ring shuts, the old person does a homecoming at his beginnings behind which the first early light of a too big, everlasting youth aufglänzt, or then there is the first step in a new life again.


In the dream one often returns in his childhood and youth - before all person who stand in the second life half. Youth can point out to the fact that one should prepare for forthcoming ageing, and also warn about stressed youthfulness of older people who thereby make themselves slightly ridiculous. The dreaming strikes as it were the balance of his present life, sits again on the school desk and sweats about his school work, makes once again be (longest passed) exam and often enough falls through. Here mostly contacts the superego of the dreaming, so his conscience. Often such dreams reflect the employment of the worries and miseries of own children or grandchildren again, sometimes, however, they also indicate own unnecessary fears. Often one experiences in the dream the situations which one cannot consciously remember long ago any more. This can give the key for neurotic complexes to the dreaming, because many behaviour patterns from experiences originate in the youth. Maybe she also symbolises a started development of the personality. Unknown children or the birth have positive meaning in the dream, they are symbols for new possibilities. If the dreaming himself appears small child, or members appear as children or much more recently than in the reality, this one death message can be.


  • feel again young: one tries to turn back the wheel of the time and, moreover, honours an excessive vanity and one could expose himself to the absurdity and the mockery of the people.

(European ones).:

  • dream of young people: Joy, - prophesy arbitration of family disputes
and a favorable time for the planning of new enterprises, -
  • again be young: immense strains start making up for missed opportunities, however, without success,
  • Li>
  • children at school see: one will come to the pleasure of prosperity and well-being,
  • Li> restoring
  • Seeing a mother her son in the infancy or infancy, old wounds will cure, and she will find the way back to her youthful hopes and to her cheerfulness. If her child dies, bad misfortune and misery wait for them.
(See also child, school, conversion)

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