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Jew stands often for the request on the self-discovery and self-realisation which assumes a defence of the crassly materialist thinking, - then one should reflect more on spiritual values, so that one finds to internal harmony. The symbol sometimes brings also feelings like superiority, arrogance and pride to the prelight which must lead not seldom to considerable interpersonal problems and be normalised, therefore.



  • see: irritating things experience,
  • welcome: you win a business partner,
  • speak: you win knowledge,
  • negotiate: you will make a deal.

(European ones).:

  • see or with them operate: indicates at help in the need,
  • Jew is the sign of hospitality and charm.


  • see: the business goes well,
  • act with them: Annoyance,
  • of them a service get proved: unexpected luck,
  • Jew: nice family life.

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