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Astrologer (-ie)


Astrologer is to be understood in the dream as a wise counsellor, to more success and personal advancement helps, however, also sends a reminder not to let control so strongly from material things. The dreaming searches a person who shows him the way from his muddled living conditions. He can indicate also detailed self-knowledge and enlargement of the consciousness or request to argue intensely with himself and his problems instead of searching a counsellor who takes this work from him. Only if one is ready to take care and to take over the responsibility for it, then a responsible astrologer can help to become acquainted better.


Every figure in the dream which knows magic methods or owns similar knowledge is as a rule the first announcement higher. The Neophyt can be initiated only into deeper knowledge if he meets before his internal follower.


(European ones).:

  • pursue: announces big knowledge which could be acquired.
  • see an astrologer or deal with it: bigger success than up to now will enter,
  • go to an astrologer: one looks for advice and instructions,
  • with one speak: one goes for a thing (and itself) on the reason and, therefore, can be successful,
  • astrological signs see: Discoveries and deep examination which is for the other advancement of great importance are made. The life is changed positively.
(See also binoculars, stars,' heavenly body ',' horoscope ',' stars ',' observatory ',' telescope')

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