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Liquid manure


The unconscious brings forward to us the stinking broth rather than an example how from inferior can be made a little bit, this allows to grow and prosper, particularly in connection with the intimate area and the sexuality.



  • on the field let go: good business success achieve,
  • see a manure pit or pass liquid manure: one will soon make a new acquaintance and take thereby a lot of pleasure,
  • fall in a manure pit: soon have to count on mockery which one has to ascribe to himself by his own clumsiness himself.

(European ones).:

  • smell: one will do something which will introduce us and other advantage,
  • see or hineinfallen: Commendation from nice mouth, - different incommodities are to be expected.


  • prosperity and luck.
(See also 'fertilizer', 'excrement', 'dunghill')

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